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Green Lane Villas, being a community, is provided with basic amenities. One of which is a nice multi-purpose hall where private family affairs like wedding, birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated with all family members. This hall can also be used for community sponsored events among residents. And this multi-purpose hall is also great for socialization among immediate neighbors and co-residents. To keep men fit, a basketball court was also provided. In here, you can safely enjoy socializing with friends and family members as you enjoy each game.

The entire Green Lane Villas’ perimeter is secured with fences to keep off outsiders and non-residents. Due to this, one can safely take a walk or enjoy a brisk walk or jog in the morning because of widely concreted roads and path walks which are gutter-styled. If the children want to enjoy a weekend morning walk or jog with their parents, they can always join them safely. However, if they would prefer otherwise, the list of nearby malls and shopping centers are equally available within easy reach.  

There is a centralized water system being managed by Green Lane itself and the electric facilities are all provided for by Meralco. To keep water from overflowing the inner streets, a sturdy underground drainage system has been built. And to maintain the safety of the place, there are CCTV cameras in common areas and the entrance and exit gates are manned by well-trained security guards.

  • Multi purpose Hall 
  • Basketball court
  • Wide concrete roads
  • Centralized water system
  • Underground drainage system
  • Meralco Electric Facilities
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